Do you have a boring family furniture or just a furniture that is not more attractive to you? Have you thought about giving her a renew? Whether supplying your needs, changing the proposal or who knows letting it be the highlight in the space of the house, your furniture can have a new life. It is possible to achieve a new look for the piece using different techniques, such as painting, changing fabric, among others. We must keep in mind that when our home presents our style of being and feeling, we will be cozier and our mind, spirit, and body will be in harmony with an immense sense of tranquility.

It is thus, that we think, the more pleasant our house, the better we will feel. Soul and love are the keywords.


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You can order a personalized quilt, panel or furniture for or from a special date in your life, memories, dreams, travel ...We can create whatever you want. 


How about get your memories of wedding, pregnance, travels, family, dreams and whatelse that you desire to keep in your mind and with you, only looking at your home? This come to light pleasant sensations and delightful memories that awaken all the time love in our hearts and nice feelings.

Whether in a cloth, quilt, furniture or whatever you wish!!

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